We believe in things that last, and want to share some recommendations to help your baby clothing look good for as long as possible:

  • - Machine wash in cold or warm water in delicate cycle
  • - Line or tumble dry on low
  • - Do not use bleach
  • - Fabric softener, optical brighteners, and stain guards should be avoided since these will leave residue that will affect its quality
  • - Use mild detergent. The fabric is delicate, you want to use something that will maintain its softness
  • - Always pre-wash. Like organic cotton, Pima cotton fabrics do not undergo a bleaching process; meaning natural oils and wax still coat the fibers when they reach you. This is specially true for dark colour pieces (black, navy blue) where you may find small residues if used without pre-washing. If it happens, don't worry, its non-toxic and won't stain 

Enjoy pure softness even longer!